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CompliStaff Testimonials – A Starring Role

“CompliStaff is a pleasure to work with. The team is professional and well respected by hiring managers. I would recommend CompliStaff to everyone both on the hiring and job seeking side of the fence.” – Richard D., Placed at Bulge Bracket Firm

“CompliStaff is one of the best. CompliStaff recruiters are always professional and caring and have developed personal relationships with clients. They are extremely professional and results oriented. I would recommend CompliStaff to anyone!” – Mark L., Contract Manager, Chicago

“I have worked with CompliStaff for myself and to hire others so many times over the years and each and every time they have delivered. They are conscientious and really think out of the box. They are professional and provide the human touch to the difficult process of finding the right employees or job. Moreover, the team at CompliStaff has the capacity to be creative and takes the time to think of the respective needs of the employer and prospective employee. I would recommend them without any reservations whatsoever. They get the job done with efficiency and warmth, qualities that don't often go hand in hand.” – Lisa D., Esq., Dubrow & Charne

“I recruited Nancy at CompliStaff as one of our diverse suppliers while I worked for a large investment bank.

I was impressed with their long list of relationships with financial firms in the Compliance/Legal space as well as the professionalism of the staff. I found Nancy to be very knowledgeable about the positions she was recruiting for and to be up to date on industry trends.

When I found myself in need of a recruiter, Nancy was the person I called on. I was treated with the utmost respect and appreciated the fact that although I was looking for work in a very tough market, she thought enough of me to pick up of the phone just to touch base. It was a privilege working with her and CompliStaff on both sides of the recruiting domain.” – Tonianne B., Large Banking Institution

“CompliStaff is a first-rate recruitment firm with the experience and know-how to get the job done right. I have known Nancy at CompliStaff for several years and highly recommend them for all of your staffing needs.” – Michael L., Large Hedge Fund

“CompliStaff has a deep understanding of the legal work environment and was always able to match highly appropriate candidates to us. Their ability to work with people is outstanding and their knowledge base is comprehensive. It has always been a pleasure working with them.” – Marianne G., Major Bank

“Nancy at CompliStaff is a good listener and is able to match up your skill set with her clients for a perfect match every time. When Nancy calls you begin to feel a Win-Win situation even before your first interview. In the past few years, Nancy has given me the right read on the job market, the best leads that match my goals. Time spent with Nancy and her Team will pay you back ten times over. I only recommend people I have personally relied on and counted on for results. Nancy is among the top recruiters I call when I'm looking for a great opportunity. Call her today if you need assistance with your job search.” – Lou P., Project Manager

“Nancy is a very loyal and supportive executive search professional with the highest integrity. She is an experienced and principled recruiting professional with a wealth of business acumen and a strategic focus that benefits clients and candidates.

Nancy has a great knowledge of the requirements that make a good employee and works tirelessly to find the right candidates. She always provides on time updates and is very creative in finding the right candidate. I do not hesitate at all to recommend her as a first rate recruiter.” – Sheryl K., Director of Human Resources

"Nancy is a proactive and savvy executive recruiter who works closely with both clients and candidates to ensure the best placement for the position. She works tirelessly to finalize complicated details in placements and move both sides towards closure. Additionally, she has a charming personality which makes all dealings with her a pleasure!" – Kelly R., Director of Risk

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