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Key Questions to Ask Every Temporary Staffing Firm

1. How long have your recruiters been in business?
It takes time to build up a pool of qualified candidates and industry connections, so find out the cumulative years of experience at the firm.

2. How would you match my company with a recruiter?
Find out whether you’d get to interview one or more proposed recruiters and what the firm’s criteria are for a good match. Successful use of temporary recruiters always begins with a good working relationship with the firm.

3. How do you provide top-quality professionals?
Top talent has options of where and when to work, so a temporary staffing firm needs to make itself the most attractive choice. Ask how the firm retains talent … top talent.

4.What is your talent screening process?
Ask about in-person interviews, evaluations, reference and background checks.

5. What happens if we want to hire the temporary worker ourselves?
Generally this option is available for a fee. See if any discounts would be available to you as a current customer.

6. Can the staffing service provide references?
Ask for references … and check them. Inquire whether the temporary employees usually complete the assignments, how the firm handles last-minute needs/emergencies, and whether billing and rate quotes are handled in a timely, professional manner. Also ask if the company was ever disappointed or pleasantly surprised with the service.

7. Ask to confirm that the staffing service maintains Workers Compensation, liability insurance, errors and omission insurance and a fidelity bond.
The service should carry insurance to protect themselves – and your company.

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