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Job Seeker FAQ’s

Does CompliStaff charge a fee to the candidate?

No. The hiring company pays the fee, so the services provided by CompliStaff’s expert recruiters are free to the candidate.

What types of companies and jobs does CompliStaff
source for?

CompliStaff recruiters specialize in staffing in the Accounting, Audit, Compliance, Finance, IT, Legal, Risk and more. As an example, within the legal arena CompliStaff works on behalf of law firms and the in-house legal departments of major financial services, real estate and entertainment companies, to name a few. CompliStaff has jobs available in all areas of the legal field including attorneys, paralegals and all types of support staff. On the compliance side, CompliStaff works with the full range of financial services and investment companies, including hedge funds, banks and brokerage houses. CompliStaff has jobs at all levels -- from junior positions such as Compliance Analyst to executive positions such as Chief Compliance Officer.

What are the benefits of using CompliStaff to assist in my job search?

CompliStaff routinely offers the largest selection of job postings in the industry via our job board, which can be found at What’s more, CompliStaff is a free service to candidates. Then there are our invaluable industry connections.

CompliStaff recruiters have strong relationships with hiring managers at the companies we represent. That gives us access to job openings before they are made available to the public. Additionally, because CompliStaff recruiters often have direct access to hiring managers, your resume may go straight to the decision maker. Your experience can be considered and quickly evaluated by the person who has authority to hire. Your CompliStaff recruiter can check the status of your candidacy and can provide feedback that you would be unable to attain on your own. We can also work as a middleman negotiating salary, benefits and start date on your behalf.

How do employers find out about CompliStaff?

Through an extensive network of marketing, branding and referrals, CompliStaff has the inside edge on compliance, legal, risk management and related job openings in the tri-state area and beyond. We are well-known among hiring managers as a source of top-notch candidates. Our recruiters have an extensive marketing network and are constantly developing relationships with hiring managers. A large portion of our job openings are a result of a successful placement with happy hiring managers referring us to their colleagues. One success leads to another…potentially for you, as well.

Do I need to send a cover letter when I submit my resume?

Yes, submitting a cover letter with your resume is extremely important. A cover letter sheds light on who you are, the work experience you have and gives you an opportunity to explain why you are a suitable candidate for the available position.

Should I submit more than one resume for multiple job postings?

No. You only need to submit your resume once to CompliStaff to be considered for all present and future career opportunities. Once your resume is evaluated by one of our expert recruiters, and assuming we are able to help, your resume becomes part of CompliStaff's proprietary database. Then our sophisticated applicant tracking system will identify you for all suitable positions going forward. You may, however, e-mail the recruiter to whom you first submitted your resume, identifying positions (by number) for which you would like to be considered. This is an effective way to keep your resume active and ensures that the recruiter will consider your resume for any opportunity for which you express interest.

We Always Welcome Referrals

We consider it a privilege that we are able to impact your life in a way that really matters. In doing this, we are deeply committed to maintaining the ethics and integrity that have made us the first choice for discerning job seekers and employers.

Word of mouth is our best advertisement and our greatest compliment! If you are satisfied with our services, please refer your friends and colleagues to us.

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