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How to Get the Most Out of Your Temporary Staffing Firm

When it comes to temporary staffing, we are the experts. CompliStaff’s Nancy Molloy wrote the book on it. Nancy is a leading authority on temporary staffing and the author of How to Choose and Use Temporary Services (AMACOM Books), a standard reference on all aspects of temporary staffing. Here’s how to select the right staffing service.

1. Do a little homework. Find a few companies that specialize in providing temporary help for positions similar to yours. Ask to see several resumes…it’s important to find out what the company can do almost immediately since you may need help on very short notice.

2. Delegate a detail-oriented permanent employee to be the official contact with the staffing service. The more the service understands your business and your needs, the better candidates they’ll be able to provide. Working with one person at your company, consistently, makes this much more likely.

3. Be specific about who you need and what skills they must have. Estimate the assignment length carefully to ensure that the temporary professional assigned will remain available. This will limit midstream turnover and the need to retrain. Set an appropriate start date to make sure there is work ready and waiting. Providing a detailed job description including the level of skills needed will ensure the right match.

4. Provide proper direction for the temporary employee, explaining the project in detail and checking the work over time will ensure good results. Every office works a little differently, so err on the side of too much information versus not enough. And be realistic – don’t overload the temporary employee or demand the impossible.

5. Plan ahead because the best temporary professionals are booked early and often. When you provide advance notice, your staffing service has more time to identify and recruit the skills and talent you need, when you need them.

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