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Contingent, Temporary and Project-based Staffing Solutions

The Smart Staffing Choice

Contingent, Temporary and Project-based staffing offers a significant financial advantage to companies big and small. More than 95% of all businesses use contingent staffing as a management strategy to balance workforce needs year round. Whether it’s a solution for varying work cycles or simply a way to launch a special project, the flexible, contingent workforce has become an integral part of corporate America.

Regardless of the size or scope of a company’s need, CompliStaff can provide skilled contract and temporary talent to ensure peak productivity.

Freedom and Flexibility

Employees are a company’s greatest asset and it’s greatest expense. A staffing strategy that includes contingent, temporary and project-based personnel shifts that fixed expense into a variable category. Clients have the freedom to adjust the expense up or down as business conditions demand. Planning for contingent, temporary and project-based staffing increases workflow choices. The company has the flexibility to add – and subtract contingent personnel as needed, without the increased costs of onboarding and downsizing. There are no worries about unemployment expense or severance packages, simply because you incur none of these costs.

Contract staffing (used interchangeably with contingent, temporary, project based staffing) brings flexibility to the workforce. Staffing projects with a finite life cycle with contract staffers brings skills on board when needed. At the end of the project, the contingent personnel is released with no liability to your company as the temps are all employees of CompliStaff. Many of our clients, companies just like yours, choose temp to hire as a staffing tool. This unique tool provides managers the opportunity to assess on-the-job performance before making a direct hire, thereby limiting hiring mistakes.

Contingent, temporary and project-based staffing helps you manage your workflow when you have:

CompliStaff is the Employer of Record

CompliStaff hires and coaches all candidates assigned to our client companies. All CompliStaff temporary employees receive a paycheck based on an agreed-upon hourly wage. After working a set number of hours, these temporary employees become eligible for other perks offered by CompliStaff such as vacation pay and more – at no additional cost to our clients. All temporary employees are part of the CompliStaff team. CompliStaff’s turnover rate on contract positions is an outstanding 2% among the lowest in the industry.

Efficient By-the-Hour Billing

CompliStaff’s contingent, temporary and project-based employees are paid by the hour, at rates based on experience and skill set, for time actually worked. Lunch hours and other time off are not paid. As the employer of record, CompliStaff is responsible for all employment-related taxes. We also absorb the hidden costs inherent in hiring – so there’s little impact on the client’s budget.

The Hidden Costs of Recruitment

Did you know the real costs inherent with each new hire? These include such hidden costs as the time of staff involved in the vetting and hiring process, training costs and more. The box below provides you with a list of costs associated with direct hiring. Upon examination of these hidden costs, you can access how and why contingent staffing makes good sense.

The Hidden Costs of Recruitment

  • mandatory compliance tracking and government filings
  • wage taxes such as FICA, federal and state taxes
  • worker’s compensation
  • reference and background checks
  • paid vacations, holidays and sick days
  • company-paid health benefits and other perks
  • pension plan/retirement benefits
  • bonuses
  • unemployment Insurance
  • severance packages

Top-quality Professionals on your Projects

CompliStaff's contingent workforce includes professionals at all stages in their careers. They choose when, where and how they want to work. Some have relocated and seek contingent or temporary employment before resuming their careers. Others want flexibility to pursue higher education, an avocation or more time with their families. Still others enjoy the variability and continual change associated with temporary and contract projects. Contingent, temporary and project-based staffing gives companies access to top talent with very little commitment by the company.

More Resources, Better Service

CompliStaff’s proprietary database contains over 41,000 industry-relevant candidates, so that we can respond immediately to client requests – frequently in just two hours. Our candidates are vetted to meet or exceed your criteria, including specific skills and credentials.

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